My mom started a job as a server at a restaurant that is just opening up around the corner from our house. Tonight they had a “soft opening” and friends & family got to come and order food at no charge!  Kyle and my dad and Mark and I all came and had drinks, appetizers, dinner, and dessert. 

I managed to take a picture in there even though I was mostly distracted watching my mom excel at waitressing. I’ve heard so many stories from her days as a chef and working in the food industry and always had these internal images of my mom doing her thing, but it has always been a version of her before motherhood – a version of her I’ve never known.  So to see her in action was one of the most warming things I’ve seen in a long time. 

And the food was delicious, too.


The past few days have blurred together: work; exhaustion; emotions; forgetting to take any pictures! 

We have been house sitting since the 16th and have until tomorrow in this home, just Kyle and me with Asia to keep us company (she is very sweet and loves when you pet her and then run and let her chase you around the kitchen). It’s been a foreign experience to be in a home with no voices but our own. A kitchen we can access at any time and own the space. The ability to wander into the bathroom and not worry about what I am (or am not) wearing or if I’m going to disturb someone!

I missed work yesterday because I’ve been feeling off. But it’s to be expected with the stuff I deal with at times, so I don’t beat myself up about it anymore. I returned to work today. Life is good.


Today I didn’t take any pictures and I won’t concoct something for a post. But I realized something: I’m not the best at posting one moment every day. I post one image but generally end up summarizing or journaling in a sense. Because moments matter and jog my memory, but there are other things that matter to me, too.

I am not good at processing things as individual moments in the present – I am constantly adding everything to the bigger picture of the day, the year, my life, the grand scheme of things. Figuring out how it all connects, each detail just a small black dot as part of a mysterious puzzle. And that’s who I am, and that’s okay.  I’ll keep working on the in-the-moment stuff, but let it happen with ease. So I’m going to carry on posting however I may do so, and I’m okay with that!


Kyle frequently video chats with his five closest guy friends. Their group is called HTC – High Trusg Culture, a really wonderful concept we learned at Ecola. I have so much admiration and respect for these guys for pursuing their friendships and brotherhood despite distance and busyness of life. I’m also thankful that I get to be involved in the conversations at times. These guys are all rare, awesome human beings!

Also…valentine’s day?  Just not into it, thus no weird romantic picture.  Haha.


Kyle gets really hilarious when I accidentally pile up clothes at the end of the bed (or make any other absentminded mess) – I only say accidental because I have no idea I’m doing it. So tonight, while I was snuggled in bed, he started pulling my clothes out from the corner blankets and talking in his very goofy voice about my “problem.” He makes light of everything in our life – especially necessary with my sensitivities and issues – and for that I am beyond grateful!!