Didn’t take a picture (dang I need to get better at this!!! BLAH) but a few of us at work took Regina out to drinks and food for her birthday after work. It was so enjoyable. I am SO humbled and thankful that I have literal friends, who are genuine and amazing, at work. πŸ™‚

(I also have learned that I don’t get why people enjoy being buzzed and don’t ever want to know what it’s like to be drunk)


I went to winco and got a bunch of random yummy foods. Then I discovered this insanely cheap frozen meals and it hit me: this is what low income elderly people are eating that is causing them so many health problems. Along with other things. And it makes me hate the system and how having money (which often means having education) has to dictate SO many things. 😦


I had AWFUL upper right abdominal pain tonight and had to leave work early. After it got worse and spread to my back, and after the advice of two nurses (since the pain was identical to gallstones) I went to the ER. I got a CT scan, ultrasound, and blood test! Woo! And finally was told that everything came back negative. (By this time it’s 6am.) Sigh…