Came home from work and Kyle had put this together: tent with table + chairs free from Craigslist. Complete with good lighting, of course. He so often communicates his love by creating things for people and it’s wonderful. I love him!


Snapped this picture really quickly before leaving for work (hence the poor framing of the photo, haha) to send to my mom, as it’s her special plant and it’s blooming while she’s gone. Today mainly consisted of me working for 9 hours on a crazy busy day that felt like the week before Christmas! It was an enjoyable day and I’ve started punching orders for the bars section at TJ’s so I’m proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and taking responsibilities.


Day off today.  Kyle and I slept in, played Dark Souls the board game, made homemade pizza, and started Lost. I was hypomanic today – it’s nice that I can recognize when it starts – but was able to relax and enjoy the day.


Relaxed in 70’s and sunny weather today and “recovered” from the long drive yesterday (although I’m pretty achy today, might be getting sick). Here we are eating our own food again in our own yard (not surprisingly, Kyle looks epic and intimidating). With Woofy, of course…