I’ve always been inspired by people who are able to blog/vlog every day.  I’ve attempted it before, but I am too scatterbrained and I get too overwhelmed by having to spend 60 minutes a day on something like that.  I have a personal blog on which I write when I’m inspired, and I’m really happy with that how it is.

For others, journaling is a good tool.  But I’m not very good at that either!  I process things emotionally through written word, and I sometimes write about theories or concepts.  But I almost never write down what I actually am doing day-to-day because, to me, it’s painfully uninteresting to journal about.  (INFP speaking here.)

So… week after week, I can’t remember much of what I did only a few days beforehand. And I know I’m not the only one.  There are so many moments throughout a week, a month, a year that are wonderful and worth remembering, and yet I forget so many of them.  There are plenty of things that stick out – a good conversation, a delicious meal, a major world event, a new insight or place visited.  But there are many more things that are lost.

The affects of bipolar disorder, though milder than they used to be due to successful medication, don’t help either since my memories can get lost during the rougher periods of time.  There’s a good nine-month period of my life – the period when I hit my lowest and before I found stabilization – that I simply can’t remember aside from knowing that certain things happened: we moved; we went on a vacation; I discovered new music.

I don’t want such a great deal of forgotten memories to happen anymore.  Sure, we can never remember everything – unless you have hyperthymesia, which presents its own problems – but it’s definitely possible to remember more than we do.  Photographs have a powerful effect on our memory, and a single snapshot can bring back an entire time, place, and feeling.  Growing up, my dad took photos all the time – not just birthday parties, but around the house and during the simplest of times – and because of that I can recall so much more of my childhood.

So why a blog when we have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, tumblr, etc.?  It is because I want to have an archive all on its own.  Someplace where I or anyone else can go for these specific memories; a “feed” that doesn’t get lost.  Most of us are casually recording random things throughout our week, but the photos aren’t actually getting saved anywhere.  We aren’t thinking ahead.

I don’t plan on making this complex.  I plan on this: one photo a day; one caption a day.  If I feel so inclined to write more, I will.  But the only requirement will be one photo – one single moment by which to remember the day.

Life happens, so I cannot guarantee that every single day will hold a photo.  But I will do my best.  And it’s my hope that this will inspire you to approach photography with more intention: to record moments that can be fetched in the future.

So why “barefoot mangoes”?

I see barefooted people as unorthodox, wild, free-spirited, and adventurous.  Mangoes are difficult to pick apart in order to enjoy, they must be handled gently, you can never quite reach the very center of them because of their tough pit, and they are messier than they look… but they are ever so sweet and add a lot of flavor to the world.  So, a “barefoot mango” is very much how I see myself.  I say barefoot mangoes, plural, because I believe it’s important that all of us understand how we are wired and learn to see the beauty in who we are, not who we wish we were.  And, with that, it’s important to capture life as to not forget how we change and what we learn and experience – and the importance of our existence.  Because those memories wouldn’t be the same if we weren’t in them.

The first photo is on its way soon.  I’ll be posting them almost always from my iPhone and with very simple editing.  Enjoy, friends!

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