Going to a wedding next weekend and Kyle is figuring out what he'll be wearing (it's in California and we leave in a couple days). He somehow can pull off the look that comes from my skirt and my scarves. I love him.


Only picture I took today, but it's an accurate portrayal of the day! I had an appointment this morning and then basically spent the day sleeping and researching. I took this picture because of the poor grammar in the ad. Haha...


Worked 2pm-3am (voluntarily) today! I stayed late to help a coworker re-merchandise. It was a lot of fun!! We, along with three other coworkers, were the only ones in the store and got to have "lunch" (sandwiches and chips and drinks via whatever we wanted off the shelves) halfway through. Definitely worth the long shift!


Developed a new method for remembering things: take a screenshot and make it my phone's lock screen. I post this because it's the only picture I took today, mainly because I slept in and then worked and that's about it!!


Spending the night with Erin at her new apartment!! This involved walking in the rain to New Seasons and back for fresh wok and bringing it back to eat for dinner. It also involved a ton of laughing. So fun!