My 24th birthday and the only picture I took was of a bee! Ha.

To recap the day…

  1.  Lunch with parents as Kyle at Thai food place. Delicious.
  2. Work 2-8pm. One coworker gave me homegrown tea and another a vegan cupcake. It truly made my day! I’ve not made any friends since Ecola and it makes me so happy and I feel very loved.
  3. Party waiting for me at home, prepared by Kyle and my mom. Myhres and Delureys were there and we ate homemade pizza and fruit. I was reminded how weird and wonderful we truly are when I was given a bell pepper, mangoes, blueberries, and a sort-of-stolen microscope. And when we took a picture of everyone lined up by hair length…… honestly, we are such a fun and interesting bunch that I never once desire alcohol to be mixed in with any party. Sober-mindedness produces enough laughter and fun for us and it’s something I wish on every single person I meet. I love our dearest of friends!

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