Arrived at the beach house today! And this is the only picture I took. We played Dominion after Jason and Morgan and Tessa had gone to bed. It was a really chill evening and the week should be pretty fun and relaxing!


This looks pretty mundane but it just captures the antics of me and Erin so well. Freaking out about things nobody else does and being able to be on the same page and laugh about it all. Haha. I love her.


Exciting picture, right? Haha. I went to pick up my meds today and was struck by how ridiculously expensive these tweezers are. Our materialistic and self-absorbed culture really scares me sometimes. (I have tweezers I use to pull strikingly long and dark hairs from my big freckles and it cost me all of 99 cents.)… Continue reading 06.05.17