Today was a milestone day for me!

I had a ticket to Bouncehouse America, the “biggest bouncehouse in the world” traveling around. I was planning to go with Lou from work, but she’s 7 months pregnant and it was 100 degrees and she wasn’t up to it (obviously!) – probably would have been a bad idea even if she felt good! So I went anyway but sat outside of it for a few minutes, feeling too awkward to go in alone. I texted Kyle and he nudged me. So I decided: I just have to make friends. Which TERRIFIES me. But if I want to travel the world by myself I had better learn how to do it. 

So I walked into the bouncehouse and talked to the first person with whom I made eye contact. I just said, “my friend couldn’t come and I’m by myself!” And he said to me, “well come join us!” In the picture above: Jack, Lexi, Zach, and Jenn. They became my friends for the hour, and the process of making sudden friends out of strangers turned out to be much easier than it felt it would be. And now I feel much more confident: I can talk to anyone, and that is huge. (The bouncehouse was also huge. Very very hot and sweaty experience but also very very fun!)

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