Spent the day with Kyle’s family in Olympia 🙂 we had a fun time!! For me it went downhill after lunch and I felt very nauseated for several hours. (I sat in the bathroom for those hours just in case my body freaked out. It didn’t.) No idea why. I had saltines and Sprite for dinner and felt a little better.

But other than that, we had good conversation and delicious food and it was refreshing to see everyone 🙂 Kyle and his dad fixed our truck a bit more. Today was very hot and washing the car was a smart choice!

Oh – this photo! The moon got insanely dark reddish orange, nearly disappearing in the sky. The horrific forest fire that started at Eagle Creek is consuming a lot of the beautiful destinations along the Gorge. It’s so sad. Ash started falling in Portland and Hillsboro today too…

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