Today: final recovery day from my stomach bug.  Basically watched YouTube all day and learned all kinds of new and random things!  I love learning!

This photo (yes, a Snapchat image) was put here because I ate my first full meal in 4 days and it included this lingonberry jam. And I love lingonberry jam and it’s almost gone!!!

I tried out sunless tanning foam stuff from Kyle’s mom’s skincare products and it was pretty successful for my first time using it (and slathering it everywhere just for the heck of it). It looks a little weird to me but only because I’m suddenly not so pale – that said, with this color I am still whiter than most people in the summer. 🙂 I honestly don’t care about how white my skin is and sometimes feel some pride in the fact that I see beauty in pale skin and think excessive tanning is unnecessary and dangerous and looks unnatural. I also am thankful that when I get older I’ll look natural and healthy via using sunscreen. But this doesn’t look bad at all and I think it’s kinda fun. Haha!

Here’s hoping I can get rested and back into working tomorrow…

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