Went to a little show tonight in Portland put on by the Green brothersas part of John’s book tour. I am not really into the YouTube scene except for vlogbrothers - something very refreshing and enjoyable exists in every video. They really are a voice for all the nerds and otherwise unusual/quirky/misunderstood people in the… Continue reading 10.30.17


Today is Lou’s due date! Mayberry isn’t ready to come out yet so three of us painted a tree of life on her belly and then went to the Rose Garden and she got some photos taken. It was a lovely day off 🙂 I haven’t been that relaxed all day in a while!


TJ’s had our store outing tonight - we all went to Top Golf which is totally not my thing, but I enjoyed the company of my many wonderful coworkers. Afterwards there was about a dozen of us who went out and spent more time together and it was very enjoyable. I love my job 🙂