This is the highest-protein gluten-free pasta at TJ’s. Why do I know this? Erin asked me. 🙂

It’s on days like these, when I have some really uninteresting photo as the only photo I took, that I remember how the smallest things can lead to overarching memories. Like I got Erin’s text because I was in the art room and had it sitting on the table near me. And I was in the art room by myself working on signs, and I had some enjoyable and genuine conversations with some coworkers in the process. You know, all those subtle little things that a single image can trigger. And it reminds me why I’m creating this blog primarily for the sake of my own memory. 

But if you, some random reader, are for whatever reason taking the time to read this paragraph under a photo of uncooked pasta, it is my hope that you will take this as a reminder that the small and insignificant things in life are still a part of your story and that everything is connected. (How do I always get so serious so quickly? Oops.)

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