Good depiction of how I woke up this morning.

This app reminds me that I’m bad at drinking enough water. But I’m getting better. These past 3 days were a little rough mentally and I neglected my plant (aka my body). This morning I was really hard on myself and told myself how useless I was and how far behind I am in life……but venting it all out kinda washed it out of my system and some encouraging words from a coworker solidified my optimism. I’ve come a long way and have a long way to go and that is okay!

OH also we saw Bladerunner 2049 tonight. So beautifully filmed and I just can’t get enough of the movies that dig into my emotions really deep. Watching a movie that captures me that much even though it’s over 2.5 hours (like Inception) is an amazing feeling. One reason I love being a sensitive person (SOMETIMES) is that I can experience how people describe the high or happy or “deeply powerfully shaken” feeling of being on drugs…without drugs and just naturally like we should be doing. Woo!

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