Haha. I love him SOOO MUCH that my heart hurts sometimes. Sometimes it’s amazing to pull back and realize all we have been through together and how much our lives are shaped by each other. Sometimes it’s crazy to me that I am actually married, that I let this person into every facet of my life. It’s incredible to remember that I know this human on a deeper level than ANYONE else in the world. It’s weird that it’s the same both ways – that while my family has known me much longer and has seen my life for much longer, there are things that only Kyle understands about me. WOW. 

I definitely don’t think that every person is called to be married, and I don’t think someone is living a lesser/lacking life without a spouse. There are a lot of things I could do differently if I were single and there are aspects of life I’ll never know. But the relationship of marriage is just so mind-bending and scary and beautiful to me – this unfathomably deep, intimate, lifelong commitment with a billion unknowns – and I am humbled to be able to experience it. 

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