Time zone stuff makes it all confusing.

We spent a total of 20 hours in the air over three flights and were fed four meals. Immigration was the only slightly confusing portion of it all. Oh and we took a taxi:


That went more smoothly than I had guessed as well. There is something sort of intimidating about walking into a country where communication is difficult, you have no phone service, and you literally have no sense of direction or where anything is… and getting in a car and hoping you get to the place you want to go (and a place the taxi driver isn’t familiar with)!

Our hostel is LOVELY. I so highly recommend staying in hostels. Friendly travelers, simple amenities, a better source for the cool places to go, and so inexpensive.


I can’t believe we are so far away from home and it’s so surreal and exciting. And I’m exhausted. Goodnight, world.

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