01.12.18: Bangkok day two

We spent another day wandering the city.



We went to the Bangkok Arts & Culture Centre today. There were a lot of cool exhibits, none of which I took photos because I wanted to just enjoy it all. But the building itself was really cool and I wished I had a wide angle lens. The above photo is cool, but had I been able to capture what I could see with my own eyes you’d be able to tell how much more artistic it really is.


More exploring the city…


There is a really beautiful market right outside a major BTS station (commuter train). I was overwhelmed by how perfectly picturesque it was and didn’t know where to even start with photography! But I snapped a few photos and spent most of the time learning more about Thai culture.


Jennifer and I have quickly learned a lot about our communication styles and our strengths/weaknesses in our relationship. And we are quickly learning how to be assertive and to speak our minds, because it’s really important here!   I have desired situations in which I have to be bolder than I typically am, and I’m getting plenty of them.  I’m always nervous in the moment, but feel good afterwards and get excited to utilize my newfound skills more often!

I also have decided I need to learn more phrases other than “hello” and “thank you,” even though that’s plenty enough to get by here.  It can make it seem like I know what I’m doing and like I’m not going to easily fall for a scam or get overcharged – both super common things.  As white female tourists, with me carrying a camera, we are a big target for people wanting to rip us off.  We have very quickly learned that all the research we have done and continue to do is so important!

The final thing I want to share today is that I am confirming a lot of things about my mental health issues: the amount of anxiety I have experienced since Kyle dropped me off at the airport to this very minute combined is nothing compared to the anxiety I experience in the 15 minutes I’m at Costco.  In fact, it’s nothing compared to any of the random triggers back home! So this confirms to me that a) my mental illness is illogical and reveals that I’m not just a dramatic or worrisome person; b) I definitely believe I was meant to travel; and c) I’m going to return home with a lot more peace and confidence than I started with.

By the way, I got that mango and sticky rice I wanted. It was delicious. 🙂


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