01.15.18 – Bangkok day 5

It is 9:00pm as I write this and I am POOPED.  I could have hit the sack at 7:30.  But I know that as soon as I start putting off sorting through my photos, a week will pass and I’ll be swimming in too many photos to deal with!

Today we went to several temples via boat and a lot of walking (about 7.5 miles total by foot).


Incredible, incredible places. Photographs really don’t do these structures and details any justice.

I was reminded of something about myself in regards to photography: taking pictures of popular attractions right alongside 10,000 people doing the same isn’t my thing. I take pictures of those things so I can personally remember being there and because it’s cool to remember the parts that stuck out to me, but it doesn’t feel fun like photography usually does. Don’t misunderstand me: Experiencing the sights themselves is an amazing thing.  The intricacies, beauty, and history in the temples of Bangkok are something else, and I’m so thankful I was able to see them.  If you ever visit Bangkok, you cannot leave without going to these temples.

But when it comes to photography, people are what really get me to pull out my camera.



(A Buddhist monk feeding dinner rolls to some very excited catfish.)


oops, that’s a cat, isn’t it?  Cats also get me to pull out my camera.

We worked our way back to our hostel as the sun began to go down, to complete ten hours out and about eating food, absorbing the city, and visiting temples. (I’ll come back and clarify which temples tomorrow, by the way. Jennifer remembers since she planned it out and also because she remembers things…)


Well, I could make an attempt to say more about this long and productive day, but I’m gonna go get some of the best sleep I’ve ever had (and fall asleep quicker than I ever have).  Goodnight, friends!

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