01.16.18 – Bangkok day 6

Today was a wonderful and productive day! (We accomplished a lot without being dead tired by the time we made it back to our hostel!)

We started the day by researching/planning/booking the next portion of our trip. Then we headed to the Museum of Siam – I didn’t pull out my camera but here’s one picture from my phone:


It was several hours well spent – I felt like I left understanding a lot more about the history and culture of Thailand.


Another beautiful cat. Guys, I’ve been taking a LOT of photos of cats…

There are all kinds of bikes everywhere (there are also cool trees everywhere).



People are seriously the sweetest when they notice I’m taking their picture:


We meandered our way through random little areas of town…

(Those floating things are real plants!)


We wrapped up our day by walking up the Golden Mount – the sun was setting and it was really pretty!


All in all a really beautiful day. I’m so thankful!

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