01.19.18 – Chiang Mai day 2

[Currently repairing my blog after deleting all of its photos. I’m gonna combat it by adding even more photos than were originally there. Hope ya don’t mind.]

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city.  It has a certain charm that Bangkok didn’t have. (It also isn’t bustling with people begging you to take a Tuk-Tuk ride or trying to scam you.) There certainly are a lot of things in Bangkok you’ll never find anywhere else and I loved all the things we got to do there, but it’s refreshing to be someplace a lot smaller, friendlier, and quieter.


A very normal scene when touring temples – Thai Buddhists who are there to worship and pray.

I thought these Buddhist wisdom trees were cool:


We also saw some cool cars today – I’m not typically into cars and know nothing about them, but these all caught my eye:


(that orange Volvo = my dream car)


modern art or a functioning vehicle? you decide! (we were extremely amused by this truck)


This was a new experience – explicit and intentional segregation/lack of privileges based on my gender. There was a sign explaining it is because of menstruation: “It is believed that it humiliates and ruins the sanctity of the city pillar” (this temple contains Chiang Mai’s city pillar underground). And then I was once again reminded of how much privilege I have in my own country, and how much more familiar this experience is to so many people. It crushes me thinking about it and it’s something I SO deeply care about. But I can’t write my novel here, so I’ll continue on with my post……

More images of temples:



The old-looking ones are really old.  Like over 700 years old.  Chiang Mai has a lot of temples/structures that are hundreds of years old and they are all some of my favorite things I’ve seen so far on our trip.


In case I didn’t already mention, this is a Buddha (I know many of us picture a different image when we think of a Buddha), and temples always have at least one in them but often multiple – some have dozens (maybe hundreds sometimes?). The man in the frame on the left is the current King of Thailand – we see his photo everywhere, too.

Some other images from temples:



Jennifer and I enjoyed that sign.

One thing in Chiang Mai that we never saw in Bangkok is an abundance of beautiful lanterns and flags everywhere:



We saw more animals today, as usual:

(I fed this rooster some of my fruit leather and he was so cute!!)


Mama kitty and adolescent kitty!

Here are few more photos in no particular order because I am really tired and have to get up early tomorrow:


And finally, 3 photos from my phone:


A freshly prepared baby pineapple for 25 baht, which is about 80 cents.  These things are sold EVERYWHERE along the streets in Thailand and have a bit of a creamier flavor than pineapples I’ve had in the states. So delicious.

IMG-4225We’ve been eating our meals at this little restaurant around the corner from our hostel – the food is excellent (authentic and not over-the-top) Thai cuisine, and for smoothies, dinners, and desserts for BOTH of us it’s around $8 total. !!!

IMG-4282Jennifer was brave and tried durian* ice cream.  It honestly was quite delicious and basically tasted like caramelized pineapples and mangoes, even though the fresh fruit is notorious for being the smelliest fruit in the world (and tasting awful to westerners). I was really surprised!

Okay, that’s plenty of photos for the day. G’night!



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