01.21.18 – Koh Lanta day 1

Hiiiii friends! WiFi has not been working on my computer at our current location, so I’ll add camera photos from the past few days when it has improved. In the meantime, here are photos I got on my phone. 🙂 my blog is really stubborn on my phone which is why I had been trying to just get my computer to connect to the WiFi, but it’s been a while so I am sucking it up and going for it. Haha.


Off to Koh Lanta island! (The above dessert was super yummy and we are pretty sure it was our van driver trying to get us to tip him, but that’s something you’re not supposed to do and is just a way of taking advantage of tourists, so we just smiled a lot. And enjoyed the dessert.)

We took two planes, a van, a speedboat, and a “taxi” (sitting in the back of a pickup on benches with a covering) to get here. So much fun!


At low tide, this beach looks like the Oregon Coast – except with palm trees and coral. And everything is warm. (!!! Happy day for me, Ms. Freezing All The Time)



We are going to spend most of our time here just relaxing. We are both introverts and are used to a schedule where we have “bundle up and recharge” days and we haven’t been getting much of that, so this will be a nice break. 🙂

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