01.25.18 – On our way to Siem Reap

Our last morning in Koh Lanta! We enjoyed a relaxing morning…IMG_4481IMG_4501

This kitty was the most friendly creatures we’ve met so far… as well as this hermit crab:


We took a taxi (by taxi I mean the back of a pickup with benches crammed full, heh) to the dock for the first boat on our way to Phuket, which is the place from which we are flying to Siem Reap tomorrow morning.


It was a little full which made it all the more fun. 🙂

We then got on a second ferry which took a couple of hours. It was fun to be able to walk around and the views were lovely.

After we got to our hostel for the night we went and got some delicious beverages from a restaurant next door. This is a kiwi and strawberry smoothie – seriously guys, all the fruit smoothies and shakes we’ve had have been so so good.


Jennifer got this impressive looking chocolate shake thingy.


Our last full day in Thailand – I can’t believe it!  It was a wonderful place to begin our trip and I’m so thankful to be able to travel. It’s honestly a weird feeling to be doing the thing I’ve been dreaming of doing for so long. Weird and wonderful. 🙂

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