01.26.18 – Siem Reap day 1

Hopped on a really early flight to Siem Reap!  We’re gonna be on a lot of planes the next 3 months. I love flying and I always take a billion photos out the window so I guess it’d be appropriate to share a couple, haha.


We had to fill out our visa forms on the plane – I really like filling out forms, too, which I’ve discovered is a rare trait apparently…

A tuk-tuk was waiting for us at the airport and brought us to our hostel – we got to see a lot of cool parts of town on our way.

I got hardly any sleep so I was pretty delirious, but it was a really fun first day.


(cool flowers!!)

We first went to the Artisans Angkor.  I’m just going to share their vision written on their website:

Artisans Angkor is a Cambodian company that was created at the end of 1990’s to help young rural people find work near their home village. It is the offshoot of an educational project aiming at providing professional skills to communities with limited educational opportunities.

Artisans Angkor has maintained its commitment to education by developing its own training program in the craft sector. Our training is designed to give professional skills to young people with limited education. The aim is to let them master a job after a 6 to 9 months training period.
And these artists, people given jobs through Artisans Angkor, do absolutely beautiful work.


I didn’t feel comfortable photographing the work in the gift shop but you can find some photos of their crafts here 🙂

We are staying near Pub Street, a well-known lively (aka lots of bars and entertainment) street!


We went through a walk through town and then to a museum and this is where everything turned into a big blur so I’m going to have Jennifer tell the rest… but hey I did get photos! (the museum didn’t allow photos so I got none there)… take it away, Jennifer!


Jennifer: So we walked along the river to the Angkor Museum and there were lots of really big awesome trees.


(I’m standing next to this one to provide perspective. it’s BIG. in some places the sidewalks have pretty much been abandoned to the trees)


It’s a flower! I dunno, not much to say about this one other than I’ve never seen a flower like it before.


By the time we got to the museum, both Grace and I needed lunch. We had a hard time finding something, but we did it!

Then we went to the museum, which as Grace said, didn’t allow photos. (I thought she took a few anyways but I could be wrong). There was a LOT of cool and useful information – I was tired but I definitely learned stuff about Cambodian history and religion and religious iconography but I’m not going to write about that here.


Lastly, this was the day that I decided to do my best to avoid having us travel in the early morning . . . and if we have to, then not going to a museum afterwards. Because, well, hrm, Grace isn’t exaggerating when she says she gets a little fuzzy: “I sat down and closed my eyes, and started dreaming after like 3 seconds so I probably shouldn’t sit down anymore” “Woah, look, the words are changing! It used to say two arms and now it says four arms!” [the words were printed on a placard and definitely not changing] “I can’t walk, my legs are getting wobbly. [stumbles] It’s like my knees, just like, give out. Huh. It’s really weird.”  “This is really old. I want to touch something really old. Does it say not to touch it?”

Then since I’m tired too I start laughing hysterically. It happened in Chiang Mai after we took the night bus, and as we walked home after the museum I was so glad I had sunglasses on then because I was laughing so hard the tears were streaming down my face and I could barely stand while Grace was stumbling around and trying to make friends with the pigeons. But don’t worry, we still looked both ways before we crossed the street! Then we got back to the hostel, and I took a 3 hour nap and I think Grace slept for 15 hours straight. Yep. It was 15 hours. Best sleep I’ve had in months.

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