01.27.18 – Siem Reap Day 2 – UPDATED!

UPDATED! The italic text is what was originally the whole blog post. If you want to see the real deal then skip it and go straight to the photos 🙂

…Just wanted to let you guys know that no, I haven’t forgotten about this blog and yes, I’ve still been taking pictures 🙂 we have just had really busy days without a lot of time at night (or morning) for me to work on stuff. I have been pretty tired for a while, and though I’ve been able to power through it pretty well and enjoy everything a whole lot, I needed some time to rest and not spend two hours on my computer after a long day. My body naturally needs 10 hours of sleep (probably part of being a really sensitive human?), so 6-8 hours per night wears me out after a few days. I slept FIFTEEN hours last night/yesterday afternoon (went to bed at 4pm and woke up at 7am)!  It was absolutely wonderful. No regrets.

Today we went to Angkor Wat. If you have never heard of it you should go google it unless you wanna wait. 🙂 Basically it’s an enormous 900-year-old temple that is pretty beautiful and epic.  And tomorrow we are going to see some more 900-year-old temples that are also enormous and incredible. Definitely going to be my favorite temples – they look like they’re out of a fantasy novel or something.

Anyway, I’m very excited to share more about our trip with you AND I’m going to fill in the missing days and everything. Cambodia is beautiful and I love it so much already. And it’s all coming soon! Thanks for waiting! 😉


Tuk-tuk drivers may be pushy, but it’s really the best way to get someplace (and it IS fun). The other efficient and fun way to get places would be to rent a motorbike, but Jennifer and I unfortunately have no experience with motorbikes… if we had known how often we could have used them, we’d have learned before we left the states!


Today we went to the infamous Angkor Wat.



Gorgeous place. I have always wanted to see things this but they literally don’t exist in the United States.


The 900-year-old Thai script looks straight out of Lord of the Rings!


(that is a ceiling, and I think it’s fascinating how many different colors are really there)


It’s seriously really hard to get “good pictures” but I think this adequately captures our experience!


We waited in line for about 40 minutes to climb up those stairs – it was worth it.


Not for those with a fear of heights, though!


Okay so this is one of my favorite flowers, the Celosia Cristata:


This was just casually growing inside one of the courtyards of Angkor Wat.  I’ve tried to grow the plant in my own garden before, but it doesn’t like the PNW climate very much. They are the coolest things – super fuzzy and soft and you can find them in all sorts of brilliant colors!


There are lots of kids who hang out around the temple grounds. Also, I thought that troupe in the background was cute all posed and matching for their photo with Angkor Wat.


There you have it!


We took our sweet time wandering around the temple grounds.  It was a long and wonderful day!

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