01.30.18 – Siem Reap day 5

I am finding that a combo of phone and camera photos is working out nicely. I’m taking separate photos on my phone to send to specific people, but I then can forget to take them on my camera because it’s too much work to take the same pictures of everything on two devices. sooooo anyway, if you notice a difference in photo qualities, that’s why!

We went on a tour of the floating villages today!  It was originally going to be a full day, but due to strong winds it got cut to a half day. Oh well.

We first stopped along the way to take a look at a lotus farm. We even got to eat lotus seeds, which were surprisingly delicious.

chiang mai day 4 & 5-19chiang mai day 4 & 5-20


Then we hopped on a boat and set off to enjoy the scenes! It was cloudy, but we didn’t mind it because it wasn’t as scorching hot.

chiang mai day 4 & 5-21chiang mai day 4 & 5-22chiang mai day 4 & 5-23chiang mai day 4 & 5-24

We sat on the front end of the boat for a while.  It was windy, so the water was rougher than usual – it made it all the more fun!

chiang mai day 4 & 5-25chiang mai day 4 & 5-26

We took a 15 minute break at a floating gift shop – I skipped the shopping and enjoyed the little details and the views.

chiang mai day 4 & 5-27chiang mai day 4 & 5-28

Alligator meat and skin is very popular in Cambodia… I felt bad for these cute little guys who weren’t just going to be pets…

chiang mai day 4 & 5-29

I sometimes feel like I’m creeping on people, but it’s part of photography and I really love candid stuff.

chiang mai day 4 & 5-30chiang mai day 4 & 5-31chiang mai day 4 & 5-32chiang mai day 4 & 5-33chiang mai day 4 & 5-34

creeping on Jennifer too…

I never take selfies, but since you’ve not really seen my face at all, here is my best attempt at a selfie out at sea.

chiang mai day 4 & 5-35

We ended with a meal on a floating dining hall type place.  They had hammocks and free alcoholic beverages and stuff and Jennifer and I felt like we were a little too young and poor to really be there. Haha! But it was fun and totally worth it. The tour overall was a newer experience (for me at least) and something that wouldn’t have been possible without a tour guide!

I ended up not feeling well the rest of the day when the tour had finished – I felt crummy the day before as well. Disappointing to miss open time to enjoy stuff, but I am thankful for cozy hostel beds, wifi to use, and books to read (currently going through the Harry Potter series for the first time EVER…….before you lose your mind, know that I was sheltered from Harry Potter during my childhood [which was not my parents’ fault btw, they were persuaded to do so and they regret it] so I’m late to the game. But I’m also experiencing what most people my age did when they were kids, so I feel like a kid and  I LOVE it).


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