02.01.18 Battambang

We went to a little cafe in the morning for crepes!


(just your regular intersection…)


When I found this watercolor in mid-creation, the guy who was working on it was nowhere to be found the rest of the time we were at the cafe. So I’ll never know anything about him. But that painting was looking quite beautiful.

Okay, so I mentioned that I’ve been feeling crummy, well it has continued to persist… so after the creperie (at which I only ate two bites of my delicious crepe and didn’t even touch my fresh fruit – which, if you know me at all, you know that is a bad sign) I went back to the room where I ended up having to hibernate the rest of the day.

Jennifer, however, was feeling good and I sent her off to go do the fun things without me. I made her promise to take pictures of some stuff so I could see what she did. And, because of this, I’m filling the rest of the blog with her pictures and her words! 🙂 note: she was very (I mean VERY) obsessed with the cute little kitty and showed me the same pictures of it like eight times. Just a warning. 


A white elephant statue outside a temple in central Battambang.


This tree had clusters of yellow flowers that were each the size of an apple!



Cool texture and pattern on the wall outside the temple.


This was the super cute kitty. I pet her for a while and I couldn’t tell if she wanted to play or to eat me but she was all over me. She didn’t want me to pick her up, so she made sure to keep one paw on the fence while she grabbed me with the other 3 paws and her mouth.


There are all sorts of mechanic shops that open right onto the street. There must have been a woodworking project here recently for all this scrap wood to get piled up between two buildings.


It’s a dentist!


When I saw these I imagined buying all the different styles of red kitty dresses and giving them away as souvenirs and watching people try to figure out what to do with them which made me laugh.


There is an old train station in the middle of the city – not used as a train station anymore, but you can still see the old clock tower.

Now, there’s a big market in the area, and surrounding it there’s a walkway/parking lot/road. One day wasn’t long enough to figure out how to tell the difference. I would have gotten more pictures of the market because it was pretty awesome, but I also didn’t want to get run over


Kitty sees her tail! SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!


Because I was taking pictures for Grace, I had to take a picture of these AMAZING flowers. I don’t fully understand the seasons here, but I think it’s sort of the dry season and one of the cooler times of year. But there are still flowers!


Battambang has a BEAUTIFUL river that goes down the center of it. I took this picture pretty much in the middle of the city, but you wouldn’t know from all the greenery! Also, those white things? Those are cows just chilling and grazing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY

Another thing – like I said before, it’s the dry season now, but the river will be several meters higher during August and September when it’s the wettest.

All along the river is a park/green space with playgrounds, food carts, and more. The first night we saw a dance class happening there. I’d have been happy just to spend a day hanging out there it was so nice and the weather was absolutely perfect.


Look how blue the sky is!


I wouldn’t want to drive this down the streets of downtown Portland. I don’t even know what to call it.


Just another street.


The way this scene includes a garden, a shrine, some trash bags, a bike and a foodcart all in the same place on the sidewalk shows a bit of what it was like to try to walk around. I’m having a hard time explaining why I like this picture, it just captures something about the day even though it’s not as artful as I’d want it to be.

It was fun to go out and wander around by myself, but I can’t wait for Grace to feel better so we can get back to exploring together!








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