02.02.18 – Battambang to Phnom Penh

We left for Phnom Penh today! We stayed at a pretty cool hostel that had a strong British vibe and influence; it was a cozy bar/restaurant on the first floor and had fun activities like pub quizzes and yoga on the roof.

battambang last day-1battambang last day-2

Sometimes Kyle sends me random photos…


I miss him.  Really miss him. I’ve never been apart from him for so long and it’s been a new experience.  I am very thankful for modern technology! Being able to video chat with him is pretty awesome.  It feels like I’ve gone for such a long time already, but not in a terrible way!  I’m looking forward to our reunion so much.  I have more deep and poignant thoughts about it but I’ll probably be more inclined to share them after another month or something 🙂

So today was an adventure of sorts…

We took a bus to Phnom Penh in the early morning.  Now, I think I’ve mentioned how my stomach has been feeling pretty awful (a lot of pain, inability to eat much of anything)… today was pretty bad to begin with, but then we got to get on an incredibly bumpy busy for 6 hours…

To be perfectly honest, I was really miserable about halfway through. Just ask Jennifer!  I got to the point that I couldn’t think straight and was trying to get her to tell the bus driver to pull over.  Hahaha!

Because of that blurry painful 6 hours, today is definitely a big blur. Although I will say that Jennifer landed us a fantastic guesthouse. It’s a $25/night private room and has a private bathroom, a fridge, a balcony, free water bottles… Most of the time we’ve stayed at hostels, all around $10/night per person (one was only $7!) and every place we’ve stayed has been so nice. It’s fun to have our own room for a few days though and it’s sometimes weird to feel “rich.”

It sucks being sick….but can I say how thankful I am that we can stay in rooms with beds and air conditioning and water and bathrooms? It’s a convenience we take for granted so much and I am so so thankful that we have those things guaranteed every night that we want it. I recently learned that the average salary in Cambodia is about $150/month. So when we stay at a hostel for $7/night, that’s 30-60 minutes of work. It’s extremely humbling to realize and so beautiful to see the joy in peoples lives despite their possessions, but it also motivates me all the more to do what I can with the life that I have to impact the lives of others.

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