02.12.2018 – Hong Kong day 1

The day began with our flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong. I’ve developed a head cold and was anxious about flying with my sinuses all plugged up, so I picked up a couple different medicines (which worked well). This is one of them! It might look sketchy but that is only because there is no English. So don’t let that worry you 😉


Our Hong Kong hostel is awesome. It’s small – only two dorms and a small common area –  but really cozy and the staff are friendly and kind. This is my bed! With the best curtains I’ve ever seen and a lovely view of the street below.


We went to a “fast food” place to cure our hunger – we were quite happy with the food!IMG_5577

I didn’t have much energy but we spent some time walking around our hostel.IMG_5568

And we found some DELICIOUS soup dumplings (meaning when you bite into it, it’s filled with both a traditional dumpling filling and broth)!! It’s a 30 second walk from our hostel. I’m definitely coming back to this place:


Four dumplings doesn’t look like a lot, but trust me… they are perfectly filling.

So. Bad news. I left my camera on the bus coming from the airport to here. Not only my camera, but my camera bag – which contains my external hard drive, a bunch of memory cards, all my batteries and charger… Yeah, it sucks big time. I am wiped from dealing with my grief over it – I’m thankful I’ve downloaded all my photos onto my computer, but other than that there’s not a bright side. Sooo… I’ll be uploading photos from my phone until further notice!

We are excited for Hong Kong! It’s a lot more expensive than the previous places we’ve been staying – no more $1 meals here. But to have stayed places where we were spending so little money was a huge blessing for the first month of our trip. Makes the ticket across the sea totally worth it. 🙂

(which, by the way, in case I didn’t share this earlier… we got our PDX to Bangkok ticket for $386. Thanks to the Hopper app and Kayak. SCORE!)

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