02.15.2018 – Hong Kong day 4

Long story short: I had some delicious dumpling-noodle soup at my favorite hole-in-the-wall soup dumpling place, we went to the Hong Kong Museum (seriously the most incredible museum I’ve ever visited, truly worth every hour spent there and we visited it over two days), we went to a grocery store and enjoyed all the unique products, and I put together some envelopes for Chinese New Year as I’m a married person and that’s what married people are supposed to do!



I’m wearing the mask below because the flu is everywhere and the air is polluted. This is VERY normal all over Asia. I think it’s a really smart idea – wear it when you’re sick to prevent others from catching what you have, and wear it when you’re healthy to protect your own health. I think it ought to be more normal in the US. But because it’s not, it would turn a lot of heads (and worry people) if I wore it in the states!


Clarification: The next two photos are from INSIDE the museum!!!


Giant mangoes…IMG_5762IMG_5772


(That is the hallway leading to our hostel – it’s in a cool building)IMG_5781

My red envelopes 🙂 filled with candy…

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