03.03.2018 – Kuala Lumpur day

LOTS of photos today because Jennifer and I did separate things for a significant first part of the day!

Jennifer’s photos and captions from the first half of the day…

Kuala Lumpur day 3-54

This is one of my top 3 museums so far in the trip.

Kuala Lumpur day 3-48

Nice daggers!!

Kuala Lumpur day 3-49

Arabic Chinese calligraphy – soo pretty!!!

Kuala Lumpur day 3-50

Dome above one exhibition hall

Kuala Lumpur day 3-51

The building itself is gorgeous, light, and airy

Kuala Lumpur day 3-52

A real silver chair!!!

Kuala Lumpur day 3-53Kuala Lumpur day 3-55

Most of the special exhibitions were closed, but this photography exhibit was open.Kuala Lumpur day 3-56

Aggfhhhgfffsksksnznx I hate war…

Kuala Lumpur day 3-57


Kuala Lumpur day 3-58

Different scripts!

Kuala Lumpur day 3-59

This is a REAL leaf that’s been gilded and everything but the veins removed with calligraphy under it. Apparently this was a popular way for calligraphers to show of like in the 1800s because it’s HARD to pull off.

Kuala Lumpur day 3-60

Another pretty view from the building

Kuala Lumpur day 3-61

Display of inland wood objects with ottoman artifacts

Kuala Lumpur day 3-62

Pretty fabric!

Kuala Lumpur day 3-63

There were LOTS of gorgeous manuscripts but I didn’t take too many pictures.

Kuala Lumpur day 3-64


Kuala Lumpur day 3-65Kuala Lumpur day 3-66

The museum had 15+ scale models of mosques around the world – this is the mosque in Mecca.

My photos and captions from the first part of the day…Kuala Lumpur day 3-1

I walked to the Tree Canopy Walk at the Forest Research Institution of Malaysia!  About a 20 minute walk through town. I only took a few pictures because, well, you gotta pay attention with crossing roads and passing people and all.

Kuala Lumpur day 3-2

(Nanti means wait!)

Kuala Lumpur day 3-3

A storm decided to pick up, but that’s been happening every day and I expected it…Kuala Lumpur day 3-4

I made it to the canopy walk before it started raining. It was so much fun!

Kuala Lumpur day 3-38

Kuala Lumpur day 3-36

There were nice views of surrounding buildings framed by the forest.Kuala Lumpur day 3-5Kuala Lumpur day 3-37

It was very humid because of the pending storm. You can’t actually tell how hot and sweaty I am in this picture, but I tried my best to capture it…Kuala Lumpur day 3-40

Storm is getting closer! I started seeing some lightning at this point.Kuala Lumpur day 3-41

This blurry photo was when I got startled by thunder…

Kuala Lumpur day 3-6

Then the rain hit and the center of the storm got REAL close.  It was a good experience – I love the woods in the rain, and here it’s enjoyable for me because it’s warm.  It’s humid, yes, but it actually feels really nice when it’s raining because it has cooled down, there’s a breeze, and the humidity seems to drop.

Kuala Lumpur day 3-39

Well the storm calmed down and I wandered off to find food. I stumbled upon a Malay-French fusion restaurant and oh wow, it was legitimately one of the best meals I’ve ever had. And so much less expensive than what I would pay in the States… oh man.  Here are the different courses of the meal, and I didn’t even know what half the stuff was so I’ll just share the menu. Haha!

The menu, with my outlines of what I ordered:


(89 RM is about $22 USD)

Two things: 1. The main course was the best seafood dish I’ve ever eaten, and 2. I am never a big fan of dairy based desserts and typically can only handle a few bites – I never eat dairy and don’t care for the rich flavors anyway – but I ate the entire thing.  The. Entire. Thing.  SO WORTH IT!

And the rest of the day together!

We went to the Batu Caves!

Kuala Lumpur day 3-7Kuala Lumpur day 3-8

Kuala Lumpur day 3-9Kuala Lumpur day 3-10Kuala Lumpur day 3-11Kuala Lumpur day 3-12Kuala Lumpur day 3-13Kuala Lumpur day 3-14Kuala Lumpur day 3-15

“It fits me!”

Kuala Lumpur day 3-16Kuala Lumpur day 3-17Kuala Lumpur day 3-18Kuala Lumpur day 3-19

(A monkey pondering the meaning of life.)

Kuala Lumpur day 3-20Kuala Lumpur day 3-21Kuala Lumpur day 3-22Kuala Lumpur day 3-23Kuala Lumpur day 3-24Kuala Lumpur day 3-25

There were a TON of sculptures in this cave, and each one told a story in the legends and history of Hinduism.Kuala Lumpur day 3-26Kuala Lumpur day 3-27Kuala Lumpur day 3-29Kuala Lumpur day 3-30Kuala Lumpur day 3-31Kuala Lumpur day 3-32Kuala Lumpur day 3-33

Kuala Lumpur day 3-34

It was a beautiful experience.  I love caves, so this was a very favorable location to go see some temples and Hindu art!

It was a wonderful day and our last full day in Kuala Lumpur.  Our Uber driver on the way home was super friendly and sweet, and he talked about different aspects of the city and of his life.  It was a good way to end the day.  I have loved observing the culture and the diversity here; it’s certainly a place that one could explore for a long time.

Kuala Lumpur day 3-35

Tomorrow evening we head to the Cameron Highlands via bus. Lots of farms and waterfalls await us.  I’m excited. 🙂

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