03.05.2018 – Cameron Highlands day 1

I had not been able to post anything over our entire time in the Cameron Highlands because our hostel did not have great wifi (it happens!).  Currently (on March 8) I’m at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport waiting for our flight to Shanghai, and the wifi is JUST BARELY STRONG ENOUGH to upload photos!  So here is the start of our time in the Cameron Highlands. 🙂

Cameron Highlands day 1-1Cameron Highlands day 1-2Cameron Highlands day 1-3

We’re in a sweet little town with lots of hostels and cafes/restaurants.  Cameron Highlands day 1-4Cameron Highlands day 1-5

The Cameron Highlands are known for tea plantations and strawberries.  We decided to go to one of the tea plantations and enjoy some fresh tea, biscuits, strawberries, and cream.Cameron Highlands day 1-6Cameron Highlands day 1-7Cameron Highlands day 1-8

The views were truly BREATHTAKING.  I couldn’t stop saying “wow.”Cameron Highlands day 1-9Cameron Highlands day 1-10Cameron Highlands day 1-11

Delicious homemade biscuit and jam!

Cameron Highlands day 1-12

And the infamous Cameron Tea!

I decided to wander down the hill to where you can walk through the tea fields.

Cameron Highlands day 1-13Cameron Highlands day 1-14Cameron Highlands day 1-15

I should definitely note that I have not made these photos brighter/more colorful than they were when I took them.  It’s just that beautiful.Cameron Highlands day 1-16Cameron Highlands day 1-17Cameron Highlands day 1-18Cameron Highlands day 1-19Cameron Highlands day 1-20Cameron Highlands day 1-21Cameron Highlands day 1-22Cameron Highlands day 1-23Cameron Highlands day 1-24Cameron Highlands day 1-25Cameron Highlands day 1-26Cameron Highlands day 1-27Cameron Highlands day 1-28

I do not frequent selfies, but here is one.Cameron Highlands day 1-29

Then I tried the set-my-camera-in-a-bush thing. Really stretched me because I hate taking it off my neck. But I really wanted a picture of myself surrounded by epic tea bushes…Cameron Highlands day 1-30Cameron Highlands day 1-33

I could have hiked around the fields all day!Cameron Highlands day 1-34Cameron Highlands day 1-35Cameron Highlands day 1-36Cameron Highlands day 1-37

Overall a wonderful day.  I really cannot believe how beautiful it is here.  I’ve seen photographs and it looked gorgeous, but seeing it all in real life is incredible.  Wow!



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