03.07.2018 – Cameron Highlands day 3

Today was a pretty relaxed day.  I really wanted to go to an area where I could get fresh fruits and vegetables, so we hopped on the local bus to get there.  It wasn’t the most efficient way to get there but I actually really enjoyed it – there weren’t tourists on board and it went through some neighborhoods I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to see.  It gave me a more authentic flavor of the town which is my favorite thing.

Strawberries are a big deal in the Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands day 3-1

We went to a farmers market that I thought was targeted at tourists, but in fact it was filled with locals and once we walked past the market it was a quiet countryside.Cameron Highlands day 3-2

Cameron Highlands day 3-3Cameron Highlands day 3-4Cameron Highlands day 3-5Cameron Highlands day 3-6

The market was filled with vegetables, fruits, plants, and random trinkets.

Cameron Highlands day 3-7

And, of course, strawberries!  I bought a kilo. (“peti”)Cameron Highlands day 3-9

Okay so here’s the fun part of the story…

I hadn’t done much research about the local bus, and we discovered that the timing was going to be pretty bad and would involve us wandering around the market an extra 90 minutes. We tried for a taxi, but it was in fact not the touristy location we expected (again, that is something I love, but it does away with things like taxis!)… so I figured we could just start walking back and see what came up along the way.

We came upon a little place centered around cacti!

Cameron Highlands day 3-8

And there was a very kind lady working at the counter at this little cactus tourist trap who called a cab for us. It had just started raining and we were so thankful we didn’t have to walk all the way back (like 4-5 miles ish)!  In the meantime we enjoyed all the lovely cacti.Cameron Highlands day 3-10Cameron Highlands day 3-11Cameron Highlands day 3-12

And other things.Cameron Highlands day 3-13Cameron Highlands day 3-15

And this is the glorious road that took us back. 🙂Cameron Highlands day 3-14

The views in the highlands were surreal and gave us just one more taste of the diversity that exists in Southeast Asia.  I’m so thankful to be on this journey.

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