03.08.2018 – Cameron Highlands

Our last day!  Not a lot I’m gonna write on this one because it was kind of a blur of a day.  Travel, travel, sleep, travel, wander around dazed (me, not Jennifer), travel, sleep…

We had one final meal at this little Indian restaurant next to our hostel.  It was so yummy that we just kept coming back.  Jennifer and I both enjoy finding our “spot” to eat food – not every meal, but someplace familiar to go when we’re hungry and want to relax.


And then stopped by a good coffee shop nearby to get wifi enough to research some stuff (still not enough to upload photos on my blog, hence the reason this was written after the fact, haha).IMG-7104

We got on a 4-hour bus back to Kuala Lumpur to get on our flight super late.  I loved the ride. Lots of beautiful countryside to see!IMG-7107

Our flight was at 11:30pm, so we hung out at the airport for a while.  I didn’t realize how few photos I took.  Haha.  But one thing I thought was cool is there are prayer rooms at places like malls and airports here:


Going through immigration was super easy!  I can’t believe we’re going to be in China!

Cameron Highlands was gorgeous and I am happy with the time we spent there. I can’t believe we have been gone for two months!  Here’s to the last big leg of the journey 🙂

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