03.09.2018 – Shanghai day 1

7am taxi and we are here! I got 3 hours of sleep on the plane which, for me, is an accomplishment.

Shanghai day 1-1

We were super tired and our hostel has early check-in, but we got there too early for early check-in. Haha. So we found a place nearby to get some good wonton soup for breakfast. My favorite thing to eat in the morning!!

Shanghai day 1-2Shanghai day 1-3

We then were able to check in.  We got extremely lucky and ended up with a double twin hotel room when we paid for a bunk in a hostel dorm!  We proceeded to flop onto our beds and pass out for about 7 hours… I actually fall asleep really well with natural light (not artificial) shining into a room versus when it’s dark from the night (yes I am aware it’s weird)… Add that to being exhausted and I think it’s the most satisfying sleep I’ve had the whole trip!

We slowly made our way out and about to get a little taste of the city. (These views are form the rooftop of our hostel)Shanghai day 1-4Shanghai day 1-5Shanghai day 1-6

And went to another place for dinner… Jennifer got some fantastic looking fried rice and I had..dumplings… I’m gonna eat a lot of dumplings in China…Shanghai day 1-7

We dropped by the local Metro station to find an ATM and get a feel for how public transportation works here.  I thought these claw machines were cute…Shanghai day 1-8

And we walked around for a couple hours and soaked in the nearby sights. As I think I already covered, I’m a total night person and Jennifer is a total morning person, so by this time I was full of energy and able to focus on stuff. Which means I should have an easier time navigating the area in the future.  Haha!Shanghai day 1-9Shanghai day 1-10

It’s gorgeous here and I’m so excited to discover what life is like in the heart of Shanghai. 🙂

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