03.10.2018 – Shanghai day 2

Shanghai is beautiful. I say this with a strong bias because I love Chinese culture and have wanted to visit China ever since I got obsessed with Mulan 20 years ago, but I think most people would agree with me.  It’s a great city.

Shanghai day 2-1Shanghai day 2-2

MORE DUMPLINGS.  handmade and delicious of courseShanghai day 2-3Shanghai day 2-4

We’ve eaten at this place several times now. It’s just down the street from our hostel and has delicious dumplings, and it’s a popular place. Jennifer has taught me that when looking for food in an unfamiliar place, going to someplace busy with locals is always promising! (that sounds obvious, and I of course realize that now, but I’m so inclined to go to random hidden places and avoid crowds that I can overlook the reason things are so popular!)Shanghai day 2-5Shanghai day 2-6Shanghai day 2-7Shanghai day 2-8Shanghai day 2-9Shanghai day 2-10

Shanghai has some incredibly tall buildings.Shanghai day 2-11Shanghai day 2-12

We went to the top of the Shanghai Tower – the second tallest building in the world!!!Shanghai day 2-13Shanghai day 2-14Shanghai day 2-15Shanghai day 2-16

Standing at 2,073 ft, being up there truly has the view you only get from a plane or helicopter.  Stunning.Shanghai day 2-17Shanghai day 2-18

The pollution makes the sun set a little earlier than it’s supposed to…Shanghai day 2-19

The way the city lights up at night is mesmerizing, especially from so high up.Shanghai day 2-21Shanghai day 2-22

Apparently it’s still a small world when you’re on the other side of it:


We ran into a friend we used to homeschool with (Kevin Midkiff).  From Portland.  In CHINA.  I kind of stood there for a minute and stared at him to make sure I wasn’t kidding myself before I spoke up and said hi. Hahaha! What an unexpected place to catch up with somebody!

Okay, so one incredible experience (for me) I had at the tower, honestly, and it’s a bit embarrassing, but it was this toilet in the restrooms… it was heated and had a bunch of squirting settings and temperature controls and everything… I literally giggled the entire time I was in the bathroom and hoped people didn’t think something was wrong with me…

Shanghai day 2-23

I forgot to mention… the elevator we took to the top is the fastest in the world at 18 meters – or 59 feet – per second!

It was a lovely day and taking our sweet time was super valuable to me. I already know that I want to come back to Shanghai someday soon. 🙂

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