03.13.2018 – Xi’an day 1

In the morning we took the bullet train from Shanghai to Xi’an. The bullet train travels at speeds up to 186mph, so we made the 938 mile trip in six hours!

Our hostel is quite lovely.

Xi'an day 1-1

(That stuffed cloud with arms and legs is mine. I bought him in Shanghai. I named him Petri. He is very cute. He is now my snuggle buddy until I get home.)

Xi'an day 1-2

Hostels are fun because they have character.  This one especially!  There are flags and drawings and photos all over the place and it makes the hostel look very well traveled.  It’s an enjoyable atmosphere.

Our hostel is on a side street.  What is cool about our location in Xi’an so far is that non-Chinese tourists are FAR and few between.Xi'an day 1-3Xi'an day 1-4Xi'an day 1-5Xi'an day 1-6

We spent some time getting a feel for the city.Xi'an day 1-7Xi'an day 1-8Xi'an day 1-9Xi'an day 1-10Xi'an day 1-11Xi'an day 1-12Xi'an day 1-13

We walked through this pretty temple area:Xi'an day 1-14Xi'an day 1-15Xi'an day 1-16Xi'an day 1-17Xi'an day 1-18Xi'an day 1-19Xi'an day 1-20

And then went looking for the Grand Mosque.Xi'an day 1-21

We found *a* mosque, but later realized it wasn’t the one we were looking for. Haha. It was still an enjoyable sight. Xi'an day 1-22Xi'an day 1-23Xi'an day 1-24Xi'an day 1-25Xi'an day 1-27Xi'an day 1-28

I think what I like most about Xi’an so far is how normal it feels.  You see, we have been to a lot of places where tourism is popular and there’s a lot of diversity, and I have loved that experience.  Places are popular for a reason and it’s fun to meet people from all over the world.  But it’s quite cool to watch life happening around me as if I were at home. Of course there are tons of cultural differences, and I feel far from home… but I look around me and say, this is life. 


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