About the Photos

January 12, 2017: a day of running errands in snowboots and of hot tea and games

My name is Grace, and I don’t have a superb memory.  But neither do a lot of us.

Photographs have a powerful effect on our memory.  A single snapshot can bring back an entire time, place, and feeling. 

I learned this reality thanks to my dad.  All growing up, my dad took a significant amount of photographs of everything from vacations to birthdays to random summer days to my brother and I goofing off.  When I was a kid, I thought it was weird that he was “living through a lens.” But, because of his archive he’s created over the years, I (and lots of other people) can remember SO much of my life.  For me, that’s the definition of a priceless gift.

So, with my dad as my inspiration, my goal here is simple: at least one photo every day, even if the only picture I took that day was something that seems so insignificant or silly.  I caption many of the photos, but not all.  If I feel so inclined to write more, I do. If I am inspired to post a bunch of photos, I do that too. The only requirement is one photo – one single moment by which to remember the day.

Life happens, so I cannot guarantee that every single day will hold a photo. But I do my very best!  It’s my hope that this inspires you to approach photography with more intention and to have access to moments in your life outside the bounds of social media.

Enjoy, friends!

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