Barefoot Mangoes?

So why “barefoot mangoes”?  

A monkey has finished his mango and begins to work on some papaya. Siem Reap, Cambodia

I came up with the nickname a few years ago because A) I thought it was cute, and B) it basically describes me:

  • Barefoot: unorthodox, wild, free-spirited, adventurous, at-home in nature.
  • Mangoes: difficult to figure out in order to enjoy, cutting too close to the center causes problems, they must be handled gently, they are messier than they appear, and are sweet, complex, and add flavor to the world.

But what does this have to do with “archiving life”?

The funny truth about this website is that I created the domain in 2015 simply so I could guarantee nobody else would come up with the name and claim it.  I originally used it as a food blog but quickly realized it wasn’t what I was cut out to do – I LOVE food and I love sharing the joys of cooking healthy food and how delicious it can be and etc… but it’s so time consuming to photograph myself cooking stuff and I’d rather just do it in person.  Haha.  Sooo, this blog sat here, on the internet, completely empty, for two years.  Fifty bucks down the drain, but oh well.  Now it’s being used, and I still love the nickname, so Barefoot Mangoes it is!